bv伟德国际1946 基金会

大凤凰商会基金会(该基金会)召集并促进商业发展, 教育, 和社区 to enhance college and career readiness, develop a stronger workforce, and build healthier communities throughout Arizona. 该基金会, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, 领导大凤凰会在教育四大支柱下的慈善及教育计划, 员工发展, 健康, 和研究.

Through stronger alignment between 教育, 业务, 和社区, 该基金会为个人准备大学和职业生涯,并作为传递劳动力需求的中介,支持可扩展的劳动力解决方案. 除了, 该基金会通过工作场所健康努力,使亚利桑那州和大凤凰城地区成为健康人才和健康社区的目的地,并发布数据驱动研究,为政策制定者提供信息, 商业领袖, 和普通大众.


大凤凰商会(Chamber)是大凤凰地区领先的商业组织. Our mission is to promote regional prosperity, serving as a catalyst for economic vitality and strong communities. We accomplish this through our ability to convene and connect 商业领袖, 民选官员, 和社区领袖; cultivate thought leadership; advocate for pro-业务 policies; and communicate and promote the region’s strengths.

Who are we looking for today?

bv伟德国际1946有兴趣雇佣那些对凤凰城有热情,并希望把大凤凰城地区变成一个适合居住的地方的人, 工作和娱乐. 理想的候选人还必须对教育有热情,并与企业合作,确定可行的职业道路,并将其整合到亚利桑那州的教育系统中.


商业伙伴关系协调员将通过与ElevateEdAZ合作,为雇主开展外联活动并组织各种方式,以实现其劳动力发展和公民参与目标. This individual will onboard new 业务es and volunteers, 培养人际关系, and connect them into the appropriate schools and programs. 他们将与这些雇主合作,为高中生提供更多沉浸式的工作学习机会.

This position will actively recruit, and onboard employers interested in providing internships for students, and oversee the CommunityShare work-based learning online database, 是什么为教师和雇主之间的联系提供了框架,从而为学生提供经验,
including guest speaking, job shadowing, mock interviews, and much more. 该角色的人负责培训教师和雇主,并提供必要的支持和培训.

商业伙伴关系协调员亦会与雇主协调各种工作学习机会, including the Elevate Your Network series and student and educator externships.
The candidate will communicate in a strong, 积极的, 和有效的方式, 无论是口头上的还是非口头上的,都要有自我激励的能力,以最小的方向来维持和推进工作. bv伟德国际1946希望所有商会员工与其他部门通力合作,成为团队的一员,帮助完成bv伟德国际1946的组织使命. 理想的候选人必须有良好的组织能力,确保各种项目的持续进展.


  • Serve as the primary account man年龄r for 业务es interested in engaging in ElevateEdAZ; ensure that all partners are appropriately onboarded and trained, provide proactive communications, and mediate any issues that may arise
  • 在客户关系管理工具中及时记录所有活动, 完整的, 和准确的方式. Prepare related reports as needed
  • 与现有和潜在的商业合作伙伴会面,为ElevateEdAZ合作学校的高年级学生提供高中实习机会
  • 招募业务合作伙伴加入CommunityShare基于工作的学习平台,为教师和商业专业人士连接和协调学生的经验
  • 与大学和职业教练合作,为高中生协调提升你的网络职业意识和探索活动
  • 促进雇主入职活动和会议,确保雇主和学校合作伙伴在一起工作时获得高质量的经验
  • 与亚利桑那未来中心合作,协调学生和教育者的外部活动, Arizona Business and 教育 Coalition, and the Pima County Superintendent’s Office
  • Support the ElevateEdAZ Steering Committee, District Leadership 委员会, and Advisory 委员会 as available; coordinating meetings, preparing meeting materials, and providing follow-up as needed
  • Perform other duties as assigned


该基金会 is looking for candidates with the following knowledge, 技能, and abilities desirable for job success:

  • 至少一年的商务环境活动/会议协调经验
  • Must have excellent communications 技能, 书面和口头, and the ability to establish professional relationships with educators, 商业人士, 和社区领袖
  • 熟练的在推广, 会议便利化, and gaining employer buy-in to support students and educators
  • Must possess analytical ability to solve problems, 预期的挑战, and identify opportunities and solutions
  • 必须能够为组织内部和外部的所有级别的客户提供优质的客户服务
  • Detail oriented with ability to stay organized while handling multiple tasks. Able to work independently with minimal supervision
  • 积极学习,专业成长,并在团队中工作
  • Proficient in all MS Office products
  • Must maintain a neat and professional appearance
  • 必须能够通过背景调查,指纹鉴定和药物测试


  • Innovative by continuously looking for ways to improve processes, always for the best use of resources
  • 以外交方式进行工作和沟通,并具有在广泛的利益相关者中轻松建立信誉的能力(i.e., 业务, nonprofit, academic, and policy/public sectors)
  • Possess the ability to exercise mature judgment, tact, and professionalism
  • Collaborates and builds bridges internally/externally; works with others to achieve common goals and furthermore possesses the ability to work with all levels of man年龄ment and leadership both internally and externally
  • Executes with excellence by consistently delivering on promises to the highest standards; appreciates and demands quality


Qualified candidates should respond by sending a confidential cover letter, resume and salary requirements to hr@凤凰城 Please include the position in the subject line of your submission.

请不要打电话. GPC is an equal opportunity employer. No person will be discriminated against because of race, 宗教, 性, color, 年龄, 国家的起源, 残疾, or any other legally protected classes.

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