The Southwest Veterans 基金会 (SWVF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and serves as the “charitable arm” of the Southwest Veterans Chamber of Commerce (SWVCC). Tom Sheets, a retired Marine Colonel and its Executive Director, likes to simplify its mission. “简而言之, the 基金会 mission is fundraising and fundgiving to support Veterans and their families.” 

When the SWVCC created the 基金会 in 2016, its inspiration was Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural address, 他在那里说, “…we must care for those who have borne the battle and his widow and orphan.” SWVF用途, “borne the battle” is not just those who have been in combat, but all those who have donned the uniform and served their Country.

The “Global War on Terror” or “The Long War” has put incredible strain on servicemen and women and their families and this stress follows them into their post-active duty lives as Veterans. It has become fashionable to “thank Veterans for their service.” The sad reality is that many Veterans and their families need more than just our thanks. To support these Veterans and their families, the SWVF host several programs including:

  • Veteran College Scholarships
  • Veteran Trade School Scholarships
  • Veteran Suicide Prevention Grant Program
  • Charitable donations to non-profit organizations supporting Veterans and their families

The SWVF has given nearly $100,000 in charitable grants and $30,000 in Veteran scholarships. Since 2020, its signature issue has been Veteran Suicides. Recently the Veterans Administration released its annual Veteran Suicide Report, covering 2019. The report notes a national decline in both the number of Veteran suicides and the rate per 100,000, 不幸的是, that is not true for Arizona, that showed an increase in both the number and the rate per 100,000—and moved up to the fifth highest rate of all states in the Nation! As a result of this negative trend in Arizona, Veteran Suicide Prevention will likely remain its signature issue for some time to come.

The 基金会’s signature fundraising event is the annual Patriots Ball. 它的6th 舞会于10月16日举行th outside at the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort where they honored Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. The COVID pandemic dampened attendance a little and has adversely affected fundraising for nearly two years. If you would like to support the SWVF Veteran Support Programs, you can donate at its website,,拨打602.677.2961, or at its Suicide Prevention fundraising platform,

Tom closes nearly every SWVF event or interaction with, On behalf of the Veterans and their families who will ultimately benefit from your generosity, bv伟德国际1946感谢你.” So too is it fitting to end our recognition of SWVF with that same message.


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