Why is understanding the role of employees important?

员工 need a clear understanding of diversity goals & vision and have an inclusive mindset to learn & 实践包容的行为.




Ways for employees to share who they are as a person:

  • 员工的聚光灯

  • Hosting activities that are open to everyone

  • 体育运动 & 爱好相关的组

  • 每周一次团队会议

  • Celebrating the month the group is nationally recognized- e.g. Black 历史 Month (February), Women’s 历史 Month (March), etc.

  • Community involvement and social responsibility initiatives.

发展包容性工作环境的最好方法是利用员工资源小组(ERGs). ERGs是员工领导的团队,是基于团队成员所拥有的特定特征而形成的. They can be formed around factors such as 比赛, 性别, 宗教, 性取向, 或其他共同特征. Teach For All是一家掌握了创造成功和繁荣的ERG的艺术的公司. 以下是ERGs以包容的精神凝聚员工的一些最佳做法:

  • 加入t sponsorship of activities
  • 平等分享意见
  • Soliciting feedback in decision making processes
  • 迷人的盟友
  • Leadership sponsor who is not a member of the group

How can management facilitate successful ERGs?


  1. 领导的支持. You don’t need buy in from leadership to move forward, 但它将使实施一个新的ERG更容易,并提高该组织的效率. 如果团队里有一个执行发起人在领导层为他们辩护,那就再好不过了.
  2. Assess company needs and set goals. After getting buy-in from leadership, it is necessary to decide which ERGs are needed. Once you have decided what you need, it’s time to determine what outcomes you hope the ERG will achieve. ERG goals will be contingent on the company goals and needs.
  3. 从小事做起. It is also beneficial to have allies in the group; which are individuals who do not necessarily share the group’s characteristics, but are passionate about the group, 想了解更多, 想要表达他们的支持.
  4. 广告集团. 确保你组织中的人知道ERG并有机会参与. This can be done through the company’s intranet or internal communication platforms.

How employees can support diversity and inclusion

而强有力的领导支持对于促进多元化和包容性的工作环境至关重要, employee support is also needed to maintain a strong D&我的文化. 员工通过他们的行为和相互之间的互动,塑造和强化了公司的文化. If a company places value on treating people with dignity and respect, 然后,员工们应该互相负责,按照这些价值观行事. 干净的聊天是一个提供沟通框架的项目,帮助员工和领导以建设性的方式讨论敏感话题,促进诚实和正直,同时解决冲突.

例如, 假设一名员工所在的公司致力于提供一个包容的工作场所,不存在不敏感或无礼的行为. If that employee hears someone make a culturally insensitive comment, 他/她会觉得有义务解决这个问题,因为他们的公司不能容忍这种行为. 该员工可以使用干净的聊天程序来指导如何与做出不敏感评论的人进行对话. 这为员工提供了一个潜在解决问题的机会,并就未来行为的期望达成一致, without having to escalate it to management. 这种方法让员工, 以及领导者, 建立一个重视多样性和尊重他人的包容性环境.

Communicate tips to promote diversity and inclusion:

  1. 了解组织的多元化目标和愿景,以及它与整体商业目标的联系.
  2. 参与员工敬业度调查,并尽可能公开和诚实地回答.
  3. Actively engage in the diversity effort. You can take part in or start an Employee Resource Group, 或者自愿担任组织多样性相关活动的委员会的主席或服务.
  4. 成为文化主管. Take the time to learn about different cultures, 比赛, 宗教, and backgrounds represented by your colleagues.
  5. 用别人希望被对待的方式去对待别人,而不是你希望被对待的方式. 不要讲冒犯性的笑话,这可能会疏远那些与你不同的人——即使他们当时并不在场. Most importantly, be respectful always. Drive positive change in the organization. Be a spokesperson for diversity issues that are not necessarily your own.
  6. Welcome ideas that are different from your own, and support fellow teammates.
  7. Understand the diversity elements you personally bring to the organization. 多样性 comes not only in the form of culture, 比赛, and 性别 but also includes elements such as socio-economic background, 教育水平, 地理位置, 性取向, 认为, 和许多其他人.
  8. Commit to continuous improvement.
  9. 沟通和教育. 多样性 work is a journey, not a destination.


Areas to assess for signs of improvement

  • 员工调查
  • 多样化的招聘小组
  • 减少D的数量&我的投诉
  • Annual demographics assessment (to see the change over time)

成功将基于整体目标——如果你的目标是增加女性的代表性, then your measure of success is going to be pretty clear. 也可能是为了留住人才,所以bv伟德国际1946需要一个留住人才的计划.

ERGs struggle with measuring and tracking results. We have all heard the term key performance indicators (KPIs). KPI是一种可衡量的价值,它显示了公司实现关键业务目标的有效性. A good KPI should act as a compass, 帮助你和你的团队了解你的战略目标是否走在正确的道路上.



  • Be well-defined and quantifiable.

  • Be thoroughly communicated throughout your ERG

  • Actually be crucial to achieve your goal. (Hence, key performance indicators)

  • Be applicable to your Employee Resource Group vision.


  • 职业发展:ERGs应找出那些直接得益于ERG计划和倡议支持而获得职业发展的成员,每年至少向D提交三个成功案例&我的办公室.
  • 个人发展:参加由你的ERG提供的发展活动的人数与ERG成员总数之比.
  • 专业发展:参加您的ERG提供的专业成长活动的人数占ERG成员总数的比例.


  • % of Member Engagement: ERG active members / ERG total members x 100, %
  • What defines an ERG active member versus an ERG member? 您可以定义这个阈值, 举个例子,bv伟德国际1946假设一个活跃的成员被认为是每年参加3次以上活动的人,或者是对一个活动负责的人. An ERG member can be anyone who is registered in the mailing list. See where you currently stand and set a goal for where you want to be.
  • Employee Turnover Rate (ETR): Before arriving upon your ETR, you need to have identified your ERG members, 以及积极的ERG成员. 然后用离开公司的ERG成员人数除以平均员工人数. If you have a high ETR in your ERG, spend some time examining your development and engagement opportunities.
  • 员工满意度:快乐的员工工作更努力——就这么简单. 通过调查和其他指标衡量你的员工满意度对你的ERG和组织健康至关重要.

Cultural transformation is not unlike defining a new strategy for the organization. They both must be openly discussed and understood throughout the company. Leaders must understand how the new culture aligns with market and business conditions. Since culture is a somewhat ambiguous and abstract subject, 使用real很重要, 具体的业务挑战和机遇,帮助人们更好地理解和联系到变革的需要.




员工通过他们的行为和相互之间的互动,塑造和强化了公司的文化. If a company places value on treating people with dignity and respect, 然后,员工们应该互相负责,按照这些价值观行事.