FRANK REID -多元化股权高级经理 & 包容,亚利桑那州蓝十字蓝盾

bv伟德国际1946多样性 & 包括主席

Frank Reid is a veteran Senior Human 资源 Executive with 30 years of experience in domestic and international companies across industries such as: 金融服务, 软件服务, 和发布 & 信息服务. Frank served as a Senior HR Executive at several large global corporations including Thomson Reuters, 里德爱思唯尔公司和赛瑞迪恩工资服务公司. Frank is a sought out speaker and consultant with experience in talent and team development, 伟德国际1946性、人力资源和领导力发展以及员工发展. He has extensive experience in partnering with CEOs and senior leadership teams to help build trust, 了解他们的自然优势, 并与他们的团队建立富有成效的关系.


Matthew Clyde (@matthewclyde) began his creative career at the age of 19 when he received the Sundance Institute Young Writer’s Award. 这段经历使他走上了令人兴奋的创作生涯, 这让他从香港到哥斯达黎加都有任务, 欧洲去夏威夷. 在每一个的努力, Matthew looks at any challenge being full of great opportunities and is always ready with new insights and inspirations—driving him as a business leader, 导师, 和企业家.


Dora Garnett is a Senior Consultant at Slalom Consulting who leads Organizational Change Management strategies for large and small business transformations across a variety of industries. 朵拉有双重文化背景, 双语, 动态, 结果导向型领导者,热爱多样性, 股本, 和包容. In 2018, Dora co-founded and currently co-leads a Latinx/Hispanic Employee Resource group with over 300 members. And most recently, she co-created anti-racism curriculum for a Professional Services Organization. She is a certified Prosci and Amazon Web Services Cloud Practitioner and was awarded the Freestyle Award in 2020 for personifying Slalom’s core values. 此外,她还是GPCC D的成员&我委员会.

Carmen jandacek -亚利桑那州公共服务(aps)

Carmen has worked for 亚利桑那州 Public Service (APS) since 1996 holding various positions and leadership roles in Human 资源 over her tenure with the company.  她目前是道德办公室和人力资源运营总奖励主任 & 技术.

Carmen是APS LGBT联盟的创始人和主席, 一个员工网络小组, 该非营利组织的前任主席和现任董事会成员 1•n•10他还是服务于太平洋西南地区的商业改善局(Better Business Bureau)的董事.  She was previously a member of the City of Phoenix Census 2020 Complete Count Committee and held positions on the board of the Greater Phoenix Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and the One Community Multicultural Advisory Board. 卡门拥有管理学学士学位, 1999年,她获得了凤凰城大学的工商管理硕士学位. In 2017 she was recognized as a Woman of Achievement by In Business Magazine and in 2019, she received the One Community Local Hero Award for her contributions to equality 和包容 in the Phoenix area.

Carmen is an avid fitness and health enthusiast and believes the key to success is a healthy mind and body.  她认为,在照顾别人之前,你必须先照顾好自己.  她多次参加自行车运动, running and triathlon races throughout the state of 亚利桑那州 and is an Ironman 亚利桑那州 finisher. 卡门和她的fiancé Stephanie居住在斯科茨代尔.

Lashandra sartor -火箭抵押

For the past 16 years LaShandra Sartor has worked for Rocket Mortgage and is currently the Vice President of Client Experience Operations.  密歇根州一名本地, LaShandra moved to 亚利桑那州 in 2016 to lead the Rocket Mortgage Operations team and expand the 亚利桑那州 site.  在她现在的角色之前, LaShandra focused on driving the business forward through innovation and execution as part of the Rocket Mortgage Business Consulting team.  Eventually, LaShandra went on to become the Divisional Vice President of Business Consulting.  现在, 担任客户体验运营副总裁, LaShandra relies heavily on her consulting experience to continue to driving results.  LaShandra’s passion for process improvement is only outmatched by her passion for people.  现在是她担任领导的第10年, LaShandra继续在辅导和多样性中扮演积极的角色 & Rocket Mortgage内部和外部的包容性举措.  LaShandra has also been active in volunteering and charitable giving to organizations throughout the Greater Phoenix area such as Habitat for Humanity, St. 玛丽食品银行,安德烈之家,以及其他机构.

Amy sena -国家农场保险公司

Amy Sena joined 状态 Farm® in 1997 at the corporate headquarters in Bloomington, Illinois.  她调到了凤凰城, 1999年在亚利桑那州担任系统分析师,后来继续担任各种职位, 包括在亚特兰大的行政事务部门, 乔治亚州, 布卢明顿的人力资源部, 伊利诺斯州和林肯汽车索赔案, 内布拉斯加州.  She returned to the Phoenix area in 2012 and served as the Administrative Services Manager overseeing the expansion of operations into the new Marina Heights campus in Tempe, 亚利桑那州.

Amy was promoted to her current role of Director- Administrative Services in 2013 and served as a board member for the bv伟德国际1946 from 2015 – 2021.

Amy has been an advocate for 多样性 和包容 throughout her career and is passionate about creating environments where everyone feels valued as their authentic self.  她是状态 Farm众多多元化和包容性倡议的坚定支持者, 包括雇员资源小组, D&I 教育, and employee engagement opportunities sponsored by the Enterprise 多样性 & 加入理事会.

Amy received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois and has earned the Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC), 特许人寿保险商(CLU), 和特许财产和意外保险公司(CPCU)的指定.



Laura Lynn Smith is the Division Vice President and General Manager for ADP’s Tempe, AZ location. 她负责该办公室各团队的工作积极性和工作效率, along with providing opportunities for career growth and development and community outreach.

在她的领导下, strong partnerships have been created to make a difference in the Greater Phoenix area, 包括那些有教育机构的, 经验丰富的支持团体, 孩子们的支持中心, LGBTQ社区团体和几个多元化组织.

Laura Lynn是大凤凰城商会的董事会成员, 大凤凰商会基金会, ASU Career and Professional Development and Grand Canyon University College of Business Advisory Board. 她还参加了许多演讲活动和小组活动, 与重要话题相关, 比如女性的领导力以及多样性和包容性.

Laura Lynn于1994年加入ADP,拥有超过25年的领导经验, 销售, 实现, 人才管理与业务运营. 她持有Loyola Marymount University的商学学士学位, a Masters Business Administration from Pepperdine University and a Senior Professional Human 资源 certification.

Laura Lynn relocated to 亚利桑那州 in 2017 from Southern California with her husband and two children. 在她的业余时间, she enjoys travelling with her family and watching her children play competitive soccer and baseball.